POW City Kinsmen Tree Lot Update II

This update, coming as it does after Christmas, is late. We closed the lot on December 18th after selling all but 13 of our trees. Out profits from this project will be spent in the community to support initiatives that fit the goal of Kinsmen - serving the community's greatest need.

The POW City Kinsmen would like to thank everyone from Saskatoon who has come in to the tree lot over the past few weeks to pick out a tree. Our lot has been busy, selling over 80 percent of our trees so far. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. The last 20% of the trees comprise the majority of our expected profits, so please, if you are considering a tree, come out and support us. Profits from the tree lot allow us to support organizations such as Telemiracle, the Saskatoon branch of the Canadian Parapalegic Association, Camp Tamarack and various others.